WE BELIEVE KINDNESS IS IMPORTANT. This is why we decided to leave postcards and bookmarks scattered throughout communities. We hope you will pick one up and pass it along. (Of course, if you need a reminder that you are amazing — because you are! — by all means, take one for yourself and hang it on your bulletin board or stick it in your favorite book!)

Who should I send it to? Anyone you can think of that has made the world a better place. Parent. Police Officer. Sibling. Teacher. Bus Driver. Aunt. Neighbor. Stranger. Uncle. Best Friend. Cousin. Sister. Librarian. Butcher. School Custodian. Mentor. Boss. Babysitter. Dancer. Grocer. Doctor. Town Worker. Politician. Hairdresser. Doctor. Union Worker. Actor. Candlestick Maker. Musician. Garbage Person. Athlete. The list goes on.

What should I say? Maybe start with "thank you!" Tell this person why you think they make the world a better place. It could be a huge thing. It could be a tiny thing. The important thing is that you tell them. Let your recipient know that this world is better because they are in it.


Then what do I do? Share it. If it's for a specific person, give it to them or mail it. Or maybe hide it somewhere for a time that the surprise of finding it just might make their day. If it's for a stranger, some ideas might be to leave it on their car, near their belongings, or simply hand it to them.


You can also share a photo using #youmaketheworldabetterplace on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to obscure any identifying information such as full names or addresses.